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released July 8, 2016



all rights reserved


Dead Ant Records Riverside, California

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Track Name: No Need For Introductions
So high that I can't come down
Or off of this cloud that I managed to build by smoking all this loud.
As for this Jesus?
Boy I am the sleaziest,
Catch a full clip if you do not agree with it.
If you want to argue it,
Bet you you didn't know that your brain was a bargain bid.
All of your organs can end up in a bargain bin,
Like your punk ass was shopping at Target, bitch.
Get your throat slit if you want to fuck with this hood shit.
Pull up in a black mask.
Let you know EM is the trillest.
Black spray paint on the red bricks reads
Track Name: West Never Left
Welcome to Elsinore,
This city is the best, bitch.
Fucking all these whack G's up,
Like a checklist.
City doesn't sleep, no the city doesn't play.
Bought the heroin, turn a brick into $10k.
No way you're better than a veteran.
Took a couple off now I'm better than I've ever been.
Can never repent, my life has been full of sin.
Load the needle up, fuck me up with the heroin.
Every single day is just a breath away from death.
Pull up to the parking lot to sell a gram of meth.
Ski mask on, don't bother to guess, bitch.
Elsinore Mafia, you know we the best, kid.
Call me Dr. Dre the way I'm bringing back the west.
Zip lock full of crack rock,
Get your dome spilled on the black top,
That's the hard knocks for you whack knobs.
Track Name: Change feat. Nihili$t
Been a while since I seen you around.
Been a while since you were really down.
Used to be guns, used to be fights, used be on the corner selling dope every night.
Tagging up the block,
Screaming fuck the cops,
With my hand on my cock,
Other hand on my glock.
Now I settled down,
Put the AK on the shelf.
Look at the soul I found,
I found myself.
But where you at?
Used to be hard with the baseball bat.
Now you on that H,
Used to be homies but we on a different page.
I was fucking pissed but I hope you're okay.
Our crew was fucking tight but we went our separate ways.
Still down for life but I ain't fucking with the lames.
Mark ass bitches with no ambition just drugs up in their system.
Shit really changed when we fell off but I'm glad that our beef got settled and squashed.
Now change fucking hurts but I gotta make it work.
Epiphanies hit me and I had to fucking search,
All throughout my soul to find an ounce of fucking worth.
On the medication all because of my depression.
Fucking with the pills now because I'm under pressure.
It's all too much and I want to say fuck it.
Track Name: Sunday On The Block
When the streets call I answer.
Y'all just out for the ransom.
Pull up with the double cup.
Got the glock in the pock,
In case these fuckers just wanna talk,
Cause y'all could get popped if it's no love.
Don't make a pimp throw off the glove.
Sipping lean to float above.
Look at what I've become,
Just a motherfucking monster.
Ain't on a label's roaster.
Catch on the wrong corner and you could get steamed like some pasta.
Bust out that M-16/AR-15,
Wrong color out the back, catch a dream.
Looking like a cunt, got fucking creamed.
Know what I mean?
Roll up in the 64 with no doors,
Sirens howling loud in the background.
Ten shots go off just get down.
Bout to shoot it out if the swat roll around,
Hard criminal, no doubt.
Y'all know I'm about this hood shit.
Blunt rolled up with the good shit.
Ten shots popped at the face of your bitch.
Get your throat slit if you're a fucking snitch.
Black flag out the right side, we bout this.
Ain't really down get dismissed.
Shots fired, like snow, like Christmas.
White ski mask on, call me Saint Nick.
Ain't no saint.
Ain't no fake.
Ain't no karma.
Ain't no fate.
Fuck your game.
Fuck your fame.
Fuck your set,
And fuck your name.
Chillen on the block with the black bandana.
Sipping on the spike grape Fanta.
Load the shotgun in the all white Phantom.
Got the bitch up on the phone with the cocaine handle.
Track Name: Comfort In Depression
Been in my room for three days,
Can't wake up.
Lean got me in a fucking coma.
Just graduated and copped my diploma.
Now the sickness eats my mind up.
Every single day I wish I'd put a bullet in my head,
Pray to god but I know that I'm better off dead.
My girl tells me "Just wait, things get better make no mistake."
How much pain can a motherfucker take?
Blood in the vomit, from a paranoid state.
Feel the razor part my flesh, mind filled with hate.
No fucks given out today.
Sky stay purple like the syrup in my cup.
Hallucinations fuck me up.
Acid causes my brain to decay.
Too sore to fucking move, my body just fucking aches.
A single tear leaves my eye.
Pray to God but I just want to die.

All my life I stayed strapped, bruh.
Now it's time to put the strap to my cranium,
No point in staying here.
I can hear the devil whisper in my ear,
As my feet stumble down the pier.
My veins are filled with dirt as my body is deserted.
Foaming from the fucking mouth,
My body keeps squirming.
The boy is always a worm.
Ain't no lesson an addict can learn except how to pop more rock in the top,
Till you're too fucking weak,
Then your feet give out then you drop.
Track Name: Charles Manson
When I creep through your hood,
Come find me.
Walk like a terror in the night,
Don't mind me.
Semi-automatic in my hand,
Black up out the back.
We the mafia,
Call me the godfather.
I slit that snitches,
But I should have gone farther.
Rather have my goons,
Run up on a fool,
While I sit up on my throne.
Pay em quick, have em do it soon.
Keep your mouth shut, have run up on you.
Its just my thuggish bones.
I don't gotta walk the streets,
I'm the fucking king.
I don't gotta sell crack,
I supply the C to the fiends,
Selling out in Menifee.
Y'all just think I'm bluffin,
Don't make me get to busting.
I control my whole area,
Talk shit, we'll bury ya.

I don't gotta take rides in the night,
I don't gotta point my glock to the sky.
I don't gotta fuck around with the pistol.
Y'all get your ass shit, and only your mom will miss you.
OG, can't touch this.
Y'all on my fucking cut list.
Pull up on your set at Douglas.
Call me Yung Charles Manson,
Giving orders in my mansion.
I'm the fucking man, son.
Y'all just fucking jealous of a real one.
Y'all just wish I'd throw a couple bucks.
But at the end of the day, I couldn't give a fuck.
Track Name: Remember The Cause feat. Chucklefuck The Clown
Shot ten cops from the top of a Ross,
Shit banged up like we deep in Iraq.
Finna riot for your rights, but you might get popped.
Racists create the bait that you finna bite.
All you see is dark when smoke is clouding your eyes.
Cops just can't help but take another fucking life.
Visions of violence pollute my motherfucking sight.
Think we in a war, and this real fucking life.
The Devil caved in, God died in the light.
God died for the ignorant, died for the blind.
Two cloaked in masks just ready to snipe.
Guerrilla warfare, blacked out in the night.

All stand tall when we ready to fall.
Loc'd the fuck out when the sirens call.
Smash the windows out the streets of Wall.
Fuck the population, just kill them all.
Realistically this the mentality,
Of police brutality.
Dumb racist fuck cause another fatality,
Think they really bout that life but they just shooting casualties.
White rappers getting hype tryna shine the light on all that all lives matter bullshit,
Just kill em on sight,
No struggle or fucking fight,
Strangle them to death, end their god damn life.
When I make that statement, I know I'm fucking right.
No respect for the origins.
No bother to play nice.
Goodnight, goodbye,
Death to fucking white pride.

I gave it my all but it guess it wasn't enough, now you try to fuck with me tryin to act like you tough.
You kick me when I'm down now you get a piece of the clown
I'll split your head in two and leave without a fucking clue.
Cause I try my best and all I do is get knocked back, well now it's time to rise up now it's time to attack.
Now you're running scared but that only gives me the edge, then I hunt you down and toss your dumbass over the ledge. Now I'm through with this shit and I ain't playing your fucking game, you may think I'm fucked up but for me this is only tame.
Now you wanna fuck with me but I'll crush your skull with all my might, I'd get you in the day but the real monsters come out at night
Track Name: Lost My Thoughts In The Atmosphere
Yo where the fuck you from, bruh?
I've been in Elsinore, 951.
From the land where shit gets done.
Stole our shit from Houston, double up your cups.
Just copped the herron out the West,
Bout to sell it to the East.
Dial my number up, find a lot where we can meet.
Ain't time for no games, my family needs to eat.
Sun down//sun up, no the city never sleeps.
Light that Camel up, in the trenchcoat do I creep.
Pop that Uzi out the jeep,
Till we dip to another street.
Come and find us out, put that hollow tip up in your mouth.
Pop pop, brains on the ground then I'm out.
This is the shit that I'm about.
Talk about it with you on that yellow couch,
Blood stains all around the house,
But I got the gloves on so they won't bother to find me out.

I been in the cut.
Buzzin on the double cup.
This that cult shit.
Walking with a full clip.
Sipping NyQuil.
Feeling weak, pop another pill.